Sewer Push Cameras

Pearpoint P340 ControllerPush Camera Gatorcam 4Sewer Push Camera Pearpoint

Free RD7100 Locator with Pearpoint push cameras until 12-21-17.

  • Weather Proof controller withstands water spray open and water jets closed
  • USB and Compact Flash memory card recording (50 min per GB)
  • One touch video and photo recording
  • Digital zoom, pan and rotation
  • Lightweight controller, only 12 lbs.
  • 8" Ultra bright TFT Screen with protective glass window
  • Time, date and distance counter
    • Change text color and background shading for easy reading
    • Custom position time, date and distance separately to anywhere on the screen
    • Distance counter calibration for better accuracy
  • Protected full size keyboard
  • Internal Lithium-Ion battery for a full day of normal use including push button level check with unit off or on
  • Includes Flexisight Manager digital pipe inspection software
  • Accepts up to 8 GB card with storage for 7 hours of high quality video.
  • Transfer videos with USB cable, Blue-tooth, or memory card reader
  • Controller compatible with Pearpoint P350 mainline sewer camera system

Push Camera ReelsPearpoint Sewer Camera Push ReelsSewer main camera Pearpoint P350

  • Reel pushrod rollers easily guide the pushrod without wearing the pushrod or reel
  • 100', 115', 200', 400', 500' extra stiff reel pushrod (pushes 225' in 12" conduit)
  • Soft rubber wheels for easier rolling over rough terrian
  • Reel frame paint undercoat for better paint chip resistance
  • Guide for reel to controller cable to keep it off the ground and away from the reel
  • Coiled cable at reel to connection for better strain relief on the connection.

Push Camera Heads

  • Exterior focus adjustment for the clearest video in a wide range of pipe sizes
  • Withstands 330 feet of water depth
  • 1" mini for 1 1/4" to 4" pipe bends
  • 1.23" dia. sewer camera head for 
  • 2" camera for 3" to 8" pipes
  • Skids: small HDPE skid, two brush skids with 2 small and 2 large sets of brushes
  • Smaller sonde (0.6" x 2") and cable coils for easier bends
  • Additional strain relief on camera and pushrod connectors

Push Camera Gatorcam4 brochure


Push Camera Pearpoint P374 ISSewer Push Camera Pearpoint P374 IS

  • Intrinsically safe sewer push camera with EEX ia IIC T6 Zone 0 rating
  • IP55 weather resistant controller
  • 0.94" dia. camera head withstands 160 psi
  • 1" - 4" pipes
  • 200 feet pushrod
  • Portable, only 46 lbs
  • Operates AC or DC power
  • Composite video output and input
  • Weather resistant IP55  color LCD display with retractable sun shade
  • QWERTY keyboard, 9 pages user text, programmable user defined fields
  • Distance counter +/- <1%

Sewer Push Camera Pearpoint P374 brochure


Pipe Inspection Camera Pearpoint P571 Explosion Proof Rated

Pipe Push Camera Pearpoint P571
  • 500 feet extra stiff pushrod (pushes 225' in 12" conduit)
  • Constructed from rust proof and light weight cast and welded aluminum, IP54
  • Explosion proof rated camera & lightheads are rated for use in Class 1, Div 1 Gas Groups C & D
  • Sun shade
  • 512 hz sonde for locating camera head
  • Video in and out connections
  • 9 page overlay with 512 characters per page
  • Distance counter with < 1% difference
  • 10 watt and 40 watt lightheads
  • 1.73" or 2.3" diameter camera heads withstands 160 psi pressure available

Pearpoint P571 Ex pipe inspection camera brochure

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